The World’s Largest Lego® Art Exhibit || EXHIBIT Review


The Art of the Brick

One week ago I visited an extraordinary Lego® art exhibit in Los Angeles, California. 100 sculptures and over 1 million Lego® bricks blew me away! I visited Nathan Sawaya‘s The Art of the Brick and left nothing short of entranced. Here, the inner-child shines even though these sculptures are nowhere near your typical living-room Lego® creations. Supported with emotional depth, I must encourage you to attend before it leaves! Let me share with you, The Art of the Brick.

Only Until January 2022?!

Most of my travel spots you can return to at leisure, but not this one! The Art of the Brick is only at the Los Angeles California Science Museum until January 2, 2022 when it moves to San Francisco. Check here for the most current schedule. Art Exhibits change and are moved (curated) around the world so generations can experience the wonderful collections. However, I “OH MY GOODNESS-” ‘d so many times, I knew I had to share more with you immediately.

"Yellow", 2006 by Nathan Sawaya at Los Angeles' California Science Museum 2021's "The Art of the Brick" Special Exhibit.
Yellow, 2006 by Nathan Sawaya. Photo by Sara Rose (2021)

California Science Center

A massive faceless, yellow figure made of Legos® greets me from a building-sized poster as I step out of my car into the quiet morning air of Los Angeles. The drive from Hollywood was far too hectic and I was glad to be out of the car. But, we are hours away from the 10:00 AM opening time Google lists for the Center. I can’t quite tear my eyes away from the man, pulling his chest apart to reveal a hollow inside, spilling out more Legos®. Welcome to the California Science Center, where most things are not what they seem.

My Favorites

“So much movement and natural shape starts with the simple form of a cube.” This revelation followed me as I continued around each corner. A surrealistic artist with a fascination for breakout artistry (i.e. Monet), I have to be honest, I assumed I was about to walk into *insert eye roll* yet another pop art exhibit. However, even the recreations of historical pieces brought new life to familiar scenes! Allowing the viewer to experience what was once just viewing a 2D image sent fireworks through my neurodivergent brain. I only wished for a walkthrough of famous scenes next! Check out highlights of my favorite sculptures in my video link below!


The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya’s in Los Angeles’ California Science Museum. Only until January 2022! #legos #mustvisit #specialexhibit #traveltiktok

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The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya Exhibit Highlights. (Videography and production by Sara Rose, 2021)

PERNiCiEM: The Endangered Species Collection

Pairing with photographer Dean West, the Perniciem Collection sits at the end of Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick. With talents combined, the best was saved for last. I am delighted as I turn the corner to see the Perniciem scupltures. Each sculpture sits next to a beautiful photograph, at home in their own world. To be honest, the first several photos earned a double-take. I didn’t realize the Lego® version of the animal was in each photo! The biology was so well designed, the cubed creatures seemed real.

Art Making a Difference

I am excited to share, “A percentage of the [PERNiCiEM] proceeds will go to NGOs that are on the ground protecting and preserving the beauty and splendor of our world,” ( Lego® is even perfecting bricks made from recycled plastics and we appreciate their efforts (, 2021)! I’m not a scientist, but I love nature and animals and any attempt to understand how we can do better is vital (Sara “Milbrodt” Rose, 2019).

What To Know Before Visiting

Proof of vaccination or proof of negative test was required before entry into the California Science Museum (one of the several buildings at the Science Center). Fortunately, signs with links and QR codes made finding my information very easy. I did not plan this stop on my trip and if the information was not so easily accessible, this article would not be here today! I did notice several testing tents around Los Angeles and at one on a street corner near the Center, a reminder of COVID-19.

Pre-Purchase Tickets

Order your tickets online before you go! Choosing time slots online made my day a breeze and allowed for breaks. I arrived over an hour early so picked my ticket bundle while eating Quiznos across the street. I wanted to try everything but overall, three activities cost me less than attending a movie theater!

Can’t Make It?

If you can’t get to Los Angeles before the exhibit leaves, you may still be in luck! Just up the West Coast, San Francisco is the next stop for The Art of the Brick. You never know, maybe I will see you there! Find the most up-to-date details on where to see the exhibit, here! Until next time, There Goes Sara Rose.

She Spoke Her Mind Mural, photography by Sara Rose 2021

WHY read a Travel Blog? || Introducing Sara Rose

One would think an Introductory post would be the first thing a blogger would share, but who wants to do EVERYTHING by the books, anyway? Welcome to my journey of finding myself…tomorrow we shall wanderlust but until then I am fine being wanderLOST!

She turned and walked the direction she wanted to go, by herself. It wasn’t something she wanted at the moment, she just wanted chicken, in a sandwich, dipped in sauce…it really didn’t matter except she knew the goal was chicken. Who was this girl? Well, she was me, the moment before I felt changed as a person. This moment took place during my filming and production of, “16 States in 16 Days”, amazing photos and videos coming your way soon! But, I am specifically NOT a solo-person, someone who is great at taking care of me and spending time, comfortably, with myself…that is SO not, well…me. Yet here I was, in the middle of the French Quarter and Bourbon Street at 1 AM, eating chicken all by my lonesome.

Listen to a podcast of this travel article here:—Introducing-Sara-Rose-e156vie

Sara Rose waiting for chicken
Sara Rose awaiting Chicken

Why do this? Why is this moment important, now?

  • Because I was once scared, and didn’t realize it. Scared the world would tell me I was wrong about so much I thought I knew.
  • Because, I am hoping, it will help you realize: I didn’t just walk out my door one day and become who you see in front of you and that isn’t your story either…it takes effort and energy to move in such a direction. But it is worth it; I will share how I did it and how you can too!

What I hope to publish here is not only my story, and how I got here, but also share tidbits of what I learn along the way to help you with your story. Tidbits on the path to financial independence, photography, web development & design, living with physical and mental health diagnoses, what it is like to travel now (post-lockdown), striking out on your own, leaving friends and family behind for a moment to find your path and more! Even more exciting are the things I am going to share with you we don’t even know about yet, as we have yet to discover them!

To help you get started, here are a few questions to ask yourself on your blogging journey and my thoughts on the matter:

  • “Why am I blogging?” If you bleed passion and creativity out of your brain faster than your finger tips can keep up, you may be here to inspire others to action more so than yourself.
  • “What am I blogging about?” is about travelling to create art, creating art to travel. A natural painter, I find the need to research and see the world at a closer view before I can create and of my artistic passion with others. A travel blog allows me to share the moment of epiphany/inception-to-creation. I am sharing a blueprint for fellow artists, with the long-term goal of owning my own art gallery.
  • “Who shall be a fellow Adventurer? What is your demographic?” The curious, the kind and the passionate. Everyone cannot drop what they are doing right now and begin a travel adventure, but we can support others in their journey and receive support in our own growth. From someone who took thirty-four years to see more than the West-coast of the USA, I can only encourage you to work up to the moment you DO decide to travel and share what we can until then. You travel when you are ready, I will be here with you until and after then!
  • “If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?” I had to share this question as is, as it was asked of ME, so that I can share with you…as much as I have hopes and expectations for what this blog and travel-life can mean to me and others…at this point…I literally just hope to blog successfully throughout the next year…how about that for easy goals? For instance, it can take me all afternoon to, i.e. figure out how to share my Amazon journal on my website and case-in-point for why this blog wasn’t shared when I wanted to yesterday! But we shall be appreciative for each accomplishment. On a personal note, I would love to know that I am taking care of myself as much as I am taking care of others in a self-sufficient way. Adventurers, hold me to that comment, will you?

You and I are not locked into anything, we are specifically here to grow and change together. I am going to try, and I am not going to give up; there is so much more I could promise myself, but one blog post at a time, am I right? Peter Dinklage, an actor from a favorite TV show of mine (but a person who has been through more obvious struggles than the average one of us), made this comment in his speech to a graduating class, “I waited a long time out in the world before I gave myself permission to fail. Please don’t even bother asking. Don’t bother telling the world you are ready. Show it. Do it.” (Dinklage, 2012) I am ready for this, are you?

Until next time….I am off to hang out with all of YOU in a Twitch stream! Apologies as this post was supposed to go out yesterday, here is to making mistakes and enjoying each learning lesson. Let that sink in.

See you in a few friends!

-Sara Rose

A 4K Introduction to Watercolor | “Octopoda” by Sara Rose

Welcome to my FIRST watercolor tutorial, “Octopoda”, by Sara Rose, April 2021. Traveling as I can and watching nature documentaries in between, this little mollusk was inspired by my previous trips to the coastlines of California and oceanographer’s documentaries on the species. It made sense to paint a creature made up of so much water with watercolor and to also paint the entire piece of art in saltwater. Might as well make her feel at home!

Listen to a podcast of this article here:–2-A-4K-Introduction-to-Watercolor–Octopoda-e155if7

LOVE “Octopoda” and want to purchase a print? Check out my store here!

Paint along with me in this time-lapsed, instructional video for beginners in my YouTube video below! If you need to grab similar supplies first, check the list below to see what I used for “Octopoda”!

This is my first watercolor of this size and my aim is to improve with each painting. Constructive tips and tricks are most helpful for each artist and part of why we share our work. Please be respectful in the art community, everyone starts somewhere! What would you like to know I might not have covered in the video? What art medium are you currently using or projects you are working on? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let’s get started!

Watch the 4K Watercolor Intro Tutorial here:

Paint & Tools Used:

  • QoR Watercolor, Made by Golden Artist, Introductory Set of 12 Colors
  • Royal & Langnickel Jumbo 50 Watercolor Paintbrush
  • One (1) small and old watercolor paintbrushes (misshapen is great!), inexpensive
  • One (1) line “thin” watercolor paintbrush, inexpensive
  • A Corelle plate
  • Three (3) large cups of water- 2 salted, one unsalted (for cleaning)
  • 15″x23″ Fabriano Artistico cold pressed extra white 300 g/m2 watercolor paper
  • 2″ Masking Tape
  • Kosher Salt
  • Table Salt
  • Lint Free Towel

I highly recommend setting aside a space for painting, a drop cloth is an inexpensive purchase compared to attempting to clean or replacing flooring. Let us know how your painting goes!

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