Why Do I Matter?

“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back,” a childish saying that I thought would justify the shenanigans I just got myself into. The same kid who answered, “I want to backpack through Europe” as a job. I always had something to say, is the point. Nice to meet you, I am Sara Rose.

As an adult, exploring new territory has brought me the greatest joy. It is why I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Development and Design and quit my job (watch the full story at How I Became a Streamer).

I started Twitch streaming May 2020 as part of a school project, and it was a GREAT start. However, it was not enough to satisfy my NEED to share the world with YOU (insert more information about social media management here, SOON!). The channel (Twitch.tv/NerdGlassesLLC), was an immediate success as Twitch was a saving grace in a world striving for social interactions during COVID-19.

Surviving on my own since I was eighteen, travel and expressing what I see through art has been at the forefront of my mind. Unfortunately, I took the good girl path for a few years, focusing on the basics. It was a struggle to change that way of thinking, and a ton of hard work, but worth the change!

I matter because my voice is loud, and I am genuine.

We can make a difference together.

Sara Rose

My Favorite Projects: COMING SOON!

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