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The entertainment WE LOVE is looking out for us and the people we care for and I am 100% FOR THIS!

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Moving in a forward direction + distance

Just Do It

Let me premise this blog by sharing no prior research has been done for today’s journey. An emotional post; I was hit with this full on and had to share. Why now? I have held myself to such a high level of perfectionism, I lost track of several important things. What is important, is a balance and finding the happiness and sunshine within yourself before looking for it anywhere else. Sometimes this takes sitting in the quiet of forced reflection unwilling to share pain as, “Others have it so much worse.” *smh* Never compare tragedies or everyone must become unsympathetic to the mire.

Lockdown was fun, wasn’t it? It danced tip-toed across politness and tap-danced sarcasm across the keys of social media outlets. As we reconviened, people must look eachother in the eye and face the actions that kept us alive. For better or worse, we are different and changed. And to be honest, I think we can do better for others, at least in the USA. I found myself so angry at the world and angry at myself for not trying to do more. So, let’s JUST DO IT.

Be Vulnerable

I am inspired by the actions of my friends, when they share a vulnerable part of themselves in attempts to help others. What inspires YOU may be much different, but I stick with, “Inspiration is found in the quiet of nature while your hands are busy and your mind is working out the details.” A recent inspiration for me was from a friend who combines travel and gaming better than I, and with struggles of their own. “D- You are more graceful in your pursuit of fatherhood than you realize, you maaaay just have taught a few of our inner children a thing or two as well. #NoU” When you have a chance, check them out at!

When you have a chance, check them out at!

Get Twitterpated

What inspired me so? A simple tweet (see below). After over 2 years liasing as a government analyst bewteen Project E3 (a federal project) and the California Department of Rehabilitation, attempting to find a way to help more of us in the United States with disabilities get resources, to be quite honest they can ALL take a page from DJSpree’s book. We hear, “The hardest thing is asking for help,” and I counter with, “The hardest thing is asking for help and receiving another broken end.” So, what inspired me? When a friend asked for help, and TwitchCon 2022 provided.

Tweet from @DjSpreeTTV from September 30, 2022

What Does This Mean?

This means that the entertainment WE LOVE is looking out for YOU, for ME, and for the people we care for. That means that WE make a difference when we ask and speak up about what can help us show up as the versions of ourselves we envision. I encourage you to speak up, to ask more, to see how you TOO can help others. If we never ask, if we never say it out loud, is it really our vision?

What Ruins Inspiration

What ruins inspiration, you ask? Working for a Department that is supposed to help people in situations JUST LIKE THIS, and feeling like I failed. Not only could we not help our clients, the Department of Rehabilitation refuses services to it’s own employees. When I travel, I don’t just see the beauty, I see the creative and intelligent people who have been left with little to restart their amazing engine, and I have done nothing.

I quit in the face of this advertisity so I wouldn’t damage myself further, what a selfish pursuit. Cheers to those who have kept up the battle! You have inspired me to continue. Now it is time to make up for lost time.

Updates: Please note updates will probably occur to this article. Although I am fine writing adhoc, I can’t promise my future self can restrain from updating things for better accuracy. Have suggestion to improve this article? PLEASE reach out ASAP!

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Health measures for TwitchCon 2022 San Diego: How to Get Inspired | There Goes Sara Rose

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