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Recap 2021! Celebrate and learn about more to come in 2022 at ThereGoesSaraRose.com!

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2021 Recap of There Goes Sara Rose
TRAVEL. CAPTURE. CREATE. ThereGoesSaraRose.com

Let’s Be Proud, Together!

Where are you on the digital media front? Years in the game and killing it at your niche? Or so new, SEO sounds more like alphabet soup? A moment to recognize how far we have come is just as important as a SWOT Analysis! Welcome to my 2021 ThereGoesSaraRose.com Recap! Let’s appreciate the progress and let me know how we stacked up!

ThereGoesSaraRose.com is on WordPpress?!

At eight months old, ThereGoesSaraRose.com, was officially released this year in April 2021. It is a source of pride, frustration, my first website, my digital home. Your comments, shares, and support as part of this community make all the hard work worth it! Thank YOU for your 33 comments, 68 likes, 25 follows,and 2,549 views in 2021!

Don’t Forget SEO!

One of my biggest learning lessons of the year is, “Hire to balance your weaknesses.” Although I pay $59 a month to host this blog on WordPress, additional services have been commissioned out when I was overwhelmed (check out the Nature On Tap Logo!). However, no one benefits if a creator struggles and doesn’t ask for help sooner! I recommend GoogleAdSense, Google Search Console and SEO start as a priority on your website to-do list! (Mine are just getting fixed this week!) However, my example will be a great comparison to see how true SEO (vs just social media marketing) improves a website when we compare our insights this time next year!

Annual ThereGoesSaraRose.com WordPress Recap as of December 21, 2021


Anchor allows WordPress bloggers to easily turn their blogs into podcasts and share them on iTunes, Spotify, and more! This original content curated for ThereGoesSaraRose.com turns my travel blog into short, audio stories to help you relax and imagine! The first podcast was released on July 28, 2021. As of today there are now 21 episodes! If you aren’t already following, check out more here: https://anchor.fm/theregoessararose

So how did we do? Check out my #PodcastWrapped here!

Which Episodes did YOU like most? Check out the TOP THREE episodes of 2021 below!


Did you know there are more than 52.8 Million daily active Reddit users worldwide (Oblero.com, 2021). It makes sense to share digital content on such a massive internet superhighway! I just started blogging and cannot say that I am any Reddit-expert (each community has so many different rules!), but I am trying! Each week, I share my blogs to Reddit in an attempt to find our community and fellow adventurers. Here is how Reddit said we stacked up!


Before I travel blogged, the majority of my online content focused on game-streaming! Although I took a hiatus from Twitch to start the travel blog and my first major road trip, I came back to Twitch by the end of 2021. So why mention it here, now?

In 2016, Twitch introduced IRL (In Real Life) streaming opening to door for more than just gaming. This allowed ME to LIVE stream some of my travels with you! Check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Los Angeles Rose Garden videos here! Although a small portion of streaming in 2021, be prepared for more travels coming to you live at Twitch.tv/NerdGlassesLLC!

Nature On Tap

On November 22, 2021, the digital doors opened at NatureOnTap on RedBubble.com! Over the years, travels accumulated amazing photos or inspired art and now these items are available to YOU on quality tapestries, home goods, and more! Finally, art on useful, quality products for your home or office! Check out more here: https://www.redbubble.com/people/NatureOnTap

NatureOnTap Shop Opening Confirmation at RedBubble.com

But You Love Custom Pieces?

There is a reason for today’s special post! While I am not traveling, I am inspired to create. The travel and art blog has now come full circle offering art hand-created by me, Sara Rose! Just this morning, Nature On Tap opened on Etsy.com! Check out the shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NatureOnTap or watch the creations made LIVE on Twitch.tv/NerdGlassesLLC!

Get Ready, 2022!

Comment below what would you like to see more of in 2022! I did not mention growth on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter as these were my methods to connect with you. However, many of these platforms are changing and adapting (stores on Instagram? Live streams on Twitter?!). Share your ideas about these new options on any of my social media! There are many more things in the works behind-the-scenes, but you never know what YOU can inspire in others just by sharing! Until next time, thank you for exploring the adventure here at “There Goes Sara Rose!”


Author: Sara Rose

CEO of NerdGlasses, LLC. B.S. Multimedia Development & Design. Author of "Word Vomit 90-day Expression Journal". Full producer/writer/voice of ThereGoesSaraRose.com! Welcome!

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