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Journey to New Orleans
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Traveling from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to Houston, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana is more than just one section of my summer 2021 road trip. This was an elevation decrease of 1,296 ft/ 395m and driving 871 miles/1401 km in just over 2 days. Follow along as I share with you the long journey to one of my favorite stops on my road trip, New Orleans!

The Long Drive

Welcome to, what seemed to be, one of the longest drives of my life. Driving long distances is nothing new to a Californian, however, nothing seemed to compare to the drive from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico. I am unsure if it was the change in humidity, or if it was the wide open skies and road. One thing I remember for sure though, Texas seems to go on and on.

A wisened-woman, a bright turban to match her flowing dress said , “You may not be from here in this lifetime, but it is in your blood, baby,” and in that moment, I felt like royalty.

Sara Rose, on my trip to New Orleans (2021)

Water, In the Air?

Upon arriving to Houston, I excitedly opened the windows. The car windows had otherwise been closed and air conditioning on full-blast on the way down this trek of the United States. So what happened when I opened the windows? A change in humidity so drastic, I started to slightly hyperventilate. After a few seconds of adjusting, the moisture in the air felt pleasant compared to the desert air I’d experienced the first few days of my trip! (See the hottest day of the trip, here!)

Water, Everywhere

Caught in a storm the night before, the water-lover inside me is in love with the environment. Amazed by the beginnings of the wetlands, I recorded too many videos of just water. Think I am kidding? Old River Lake (a video below taken on the way out of Texas!) is home to beavers, otters, minks and many more animals! Check out my video HERE as I enter Lousiana and see GATOR DEN!

Gator Den stop in Louisiana (Video by Sara Rose, 2021)
Crossing over Old River Lake from in Texas, on my way to New Orleans, Louisiana! (Videography & voice by Sara Rose, 2021)

Made It To New Orleans!

It might have been late upon my arrival, but I made sure to capture the view from my hotel in Louisiana! There is such an old and beautiful energy in New Orleans, full of history and mystique at the same time. I love everything Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney), grew up with The Pelican Brief (Pakula, 1993) as of my favorite movies and a fleur-de-lis tattoo on my back. New Orleans fit me like a long lost glove.

New Orleans, Louisiana at 4 AM from hotel window. (Photo by M. Neri, 2021)

More from New Orleans!

Check out MORE from New Orleans in my next post! There was no way I could include all of the magic of my experience there in one post so look for more all December long from my travels in 2021 and more at “There Goes Sara Rose”!

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