The World’s Largest Lego® Art Exhibit || EXHIBIT Review

Experience The Art of the Brick, the World’s Largest Lego® Exhibit, in Los Angeles, CA! Find out more at or Spotify!

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The Art of the Brick

One week ago I visited an extraordinary Lego® art exhibit in Los Angeles, California. 100 sculptures and over 1 million Lego® bricks blew me away! I visited Nathan Sawaya‘s The Art of the Brick and left nothing short of entranced. Here, the inner-child shines even though these sculptures are nowhere near your typical living-room Lego® creations. Supported with emotional depth, I must encourage you to attend before it leaves! Let me share with you, The Art of the Brick.

Only Until January 2022?!

Most of my travel spots you can return to at leisure, but not this one! The Art of the Brick is only at the Los Angeles California Science Museum until January 2, 2022 when it moves to San Francisco. Check here for the most current schedule. Art Exhibits change and are moved (curated) around the world so generations can experience the wonderful collections. However, I “OH MY GOODNESS-” ‘d so many times, I knew I had to share more with you immediately.

"Yellow", 2006 by Nathan Sawaya at Los Angeles' California Science Museum 2021's "The Art of the Brick" Special Exhibit.
Yellow, 2006 by Nathan Sawaya. Photo by Sara Rose (2021)

California Science Center

A massive faceless, yellow figure made of Legos® greets me from a building-sized poster as I step out of my car into the quiet morning air of Los Angeles. The drive from Hollywood was far too hectic and I was glad to be out of the car. But, we are hours away from the 10:00 AM opening time Google lists for the Center. I can’t quite tear my eyes away from the man, pulling his chest apart to reveal a hollow inside, spilling out more Legos®. Welcome to the California Science Center, where most things are not what they seem.

My Favorites

“So much movement and natural shape starts with the simple form of a cube.” This revelation followed me as I continued around each corner. A surrealistic artist with a fascination for breakout artistry (i.e. Monet), I have to be honest, I assumed I was about to walk into *insert eye roll* yet another pop art exhibit. However, even the recreations of historical pieces brought new life to familiar scenes! Allowing the viewer to experience what was once just viewing a 2D image sent fireworks through my neurodivergent brain. I only wished for a walkthrough of famous scenes next! Check out highlights of my favorite sculptures in my video link below!


The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya’s in Los Angeles’ California Science Museum. Only until January 2022! #legos #mustvisit #specialexhibit #traveltiktok

♬ original sound –
The Art of the Brick by Nathan Sawaya Exhibit Highlights. (Videography and production by Sara Rose, 2021)

PERNiCiEM: The Endangered Species Collection

Pairing with photographer Dean West, the Perniciem Collection sits at the end of Nathan Sawaya’s The Art of the Brick. With talents combined, the best was saved for last. I am delighted as I turn the corner to see the Perniciem scupltures. Each sculpture sits next to a beautiful photograph, at home in their own world. To be honest, the first several photos earned a double-take. I didn’t realize the Lego® version of the animal was in each photo! The biology was so well designed, the cubed creatures seemed real.

Art Making a Difference

I am excited to share, “A percentage of the [PERNiCiEM] proceeds will go to NGOs that are on the ground protecting and preserving the beauty and splendor of our world,” ( Lego® is even perfecting bricks made from recycled plastics and we appreciate their efforts (, 2021)! I’m not a scientist, but I love nature and animals and any attempt to understand how we can do better is vital (Sara “Milbrodt” Rose, 2019).

What To Know Before Visiting

Proof of vaccination or proof of negative test was required before entry into the California Science Museum (one of the several buildings at the Science Center). Fortunately, signs with links and QR codes made finding my information very easy. I did not plan this stop on my trip and if the information was not so easily accessible, this article would not be here today! I did notice several testing tents around Los Angeles and at one on a street corner near the Center, a reminder of COVID-19.

Pre-Purchase Tickets

Order your tickets online before you go! Choosing time slots online made my day a breeze and allowed for breaks. I arrived over an hour early so picked my ticket bundle while eating Quiznos across the street. I wanted to try everything but overall, three activities cost me less than attending a movie theater!

Can’t Make It?

If you can’t get to Los Angeles before the exhibit leaves, you may still be in luck! Just up the West Coast, San Francisco is the next stop for The Art of the Brick. You never know, maybe I will see you there! Find the most up-to-date details on where to see the exhibit, here! Until next time, There Goes Sara Rose.


Author: Sara Rose

CEO of NerdGlasses, LLC. B.S. Multimedia Development & Design. Author of "Word Vomit 90-day Expression Journal". Full producer/writer/voice of! Welcome!

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    1. I loved the classic recreations (Starry Night by Van Gogh always is a favorite!) however the original pieces caught simple human interactions, frozen in a moment, bringing the piece alive. I loved this especially in the red dress, swimming blue piece, and SEVERAL of the faces…


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